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The mission of iLink Support Technologies is to empower people with a range of challenging support needs to live as independently as possible in their homes.   


iLink uses breakthrough smart technologies to connect the homes of customers with a remote team of support professionals who know them well and provide the help needed to live as independently as possible.  

iLink “connected” homes allow iCoaches to:

  • Continuously monitor each customer’s needs for support in a variety of ways;

  • Remotely and personally provide coaching and help tailored to individuals in need;

  • Control home automations to provide help and ensure safety;

  • Deploy help of any kind, on demand, for as long as necessary;

  • Remotely supervise deployed in-home staff to assure the best and safest care possible.


A young woman with autism who works, attends classes, and cooks for herself. She lives with a roommate in an apartment complex near like-minded friends who visit often. A door sensor lets staff know when she leaves home and when she returns, so her parents never have to worry about whether she has gotten home safely.

A man who is able to care for himself most of the time, but suffers from muscular degeneration and seizures. He can call for help at the touch of a button, and sensors immediately lets his caregivers know if he has fallen. His family knows that if he has a seizure, medical help will arrive within moments.  

A senior who lives in her own home even though she can be forgetful at times. Her family is reassured by the knowledge that if she accidentally leaves a pot cooking on the stove overnight, a sensor will alert staff and they can shut off the stove remotely.

A man with a developmental disability who has a question about how much laundry to put into the washing machine. At the touch of a button, his home coach is on the screen advising him to add a few items, or take out a few. He does not have to rely on anyone coming into his home to help. 


Watch the iLink (formally Homelink Support Technologies) video: