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Neighborhood Network


Our Solution:  CLO has created an intentional community of support called the Neighborhood Network (NN). The NN is an innovative support model for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) living in a typical neighborhood community who can live with greater independence if they receive appropriate and timely support. The NN provides an intentional “smart” neighborhood of support led by professional neighbors who live with, next to, or near persons with (I/DD) allowing them to live an enriched community life as independently as possible. These professional supports are leveraged by a rich system of volunteer supports, typically cultivated over time from within the neighborhood and surrounding community. 

The Neighborhood: CLO has living arrangements that include two bedroom apartments. These homes are nestled in a semi-enclosed, street-safe neighborhood with walking trails, clubhouses, pools and green spaces.  This neighborhood is within walking distance to shopping, entertainment, grocery stores, various employment options, and public transportation. 

Neighborhood Professional and Volunteer Supports:  NN on-site supports are arranged, coordinated, and largely provided by professional neighbors (PNs) who are employees of the NN and permanently live within this neighborhood with their own family.  Professional Neighbors receive nationally regarded training provided by CLO and its University of Kansas partners within the Department of Applied Behavioral Science. PN’s mentor, teach and support the NN residents.

iLink Support Technologies: iLink Support Technologies delivers health and behavioral support, home security, in-home care, and emergency support to residents of the NN. It can be used to remotely support in-home caregivers, arrange shopping services or laundry, answer questions, help ensure individuals are taking the right medicine, capture instances of challenging behaviors for later analysis, monitor seizures, collect health vitals, offer assistance in how to cook a meal, remotely conduct and record fire drills, support night-time needs, serve as a virtual doorman to guard against “stranger danger”, or simply serve as a virtual concierge.

iLink differentiates itself from other approaches embodying its guiding vision of being as “personal” and as “present” as possible.  iLink iCoaches spend significant time “in person” and “virtually” with those persons they support. Since iLink iCoaches know the individuals they serve and on-site professional staff well, they can provide more personalized and better remote support and also know when on-site support is needed—which saves significant money on “just in case” staff costs.

Quality Assurance and Measurement: CLO has outsourced its internal quality assurance and performance management program to the newly formed KU/CLO Performance Management Center. The goal of the center is to review, determine, and gather performance and quality metrics for key processes and outcomes for all CLO service models and support services. The Performance Management Center analyzes and shares information, and collaboratively researches, develops, and implements strategies for evidence-based continuous performance improvement. This includes the program outcomes from the Neighborhood Network and iLink Support Technologies. 

Let us help you develop a Neighborhood Network semi-independent community, contact us here.